Real Estate

Technology continues to change and evolve at lightning speeds, and like any other, the real estate industry faces the challenge of keeping up. The acceptance of smart home technology continues to grow—this means home buyers and renters are increasingly looking for homes imbedded with artificial intelligence. And the industry itself needs to come to grips with services like iBuyers that allow buyers to completely bypass selling agents, and the demand for video presentations or virtual tours before a buyer will even connect with a realtor.

Great Teams

With a solid background in real estate Brightgrove is well positioned to deal with any and all challenges you may have.

Understanding Industry Softwarey

Multiple Listing Service (MLS) is likely one of the most used service suites in the real estate industry. Understanding how its databases and software are used by agents and brokers is integral to our team’s ability to harness its power. The development of apps, building upon third-party APIs such as Zillow and Trulia, and more will give you increased control of your MLS software.

Connecting Siloed Systems

Siloed systems can be dangerous in any industry. Are your CRM, GIS, accounting, marketing, etc. independent of each other? With our expertise, we can connect siloed systems, giving your team a single point storage solution. This allows you to carry out more accurate analysis in a cost-efficient way.

Discipline of Keeping Data Clean

We know all about the benefits of clean data—and the principle of garbage in, garbage out. Keeping your data clean means your data is more accurate. But first, your data needs to be formatted properly and follow set rules. Especially in cases like the above, where we connect previously siloed systems. We’ll always work with a standardized process, validate accuracy, remove duplicate data, and deal with structural errors. Your data will be squeaky clean.

Clear, functional interfaces for commonly used applications

There are several popular browsers. It’s your developers’ job to make sure all web-based applications routinely perfmon well on all of them. Developing clear, usable interfaces is our priority. All work is organized in the back end and scalable. Our experience in a number of front- and back-end languages and database management systems makes this possible.

Case Studies

We help tech companies create unique software products that help increase their customer’s satisfaction.

Video on Demand TV Service

A 60-person Agile engineering team formed to assist
an American internet television service that builds/
develops applications for several desktop, mobile,
and internet-connected TV platforms.

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Big Data Analytics Software

A 40-person software development team for a big
data analytics software by Aginity.

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PCI-compliant Payment Gateway

A Scrum team of Java engineers experienced in fintech
for a highly regulated payment solutions provider.

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Invoicing and Accounting Software

Two mobile development teams needed to build native iOS and Android applications.

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Solar Power Plants Management Software

A manufacturer of photovoltaic solar modules was looking to build a software solution that would help its clients manage their “fields” of solar modules.

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Real Estate B2B Platform

An NYC B2B real estate company required an Agile development team to complete a major refactor to their listing platform, giving their developers the ability to add new features quickly and easily.

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