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We offer self-sufficient and cross-functional teams of software engineers who are passionate about building products. Our clients tell us we deliver real business value from the very first Sprint.

The Scrum framework makes remote teams easy to manage

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We use scrum

A clear management process

Scrum offers a precise framework for managing product development teams able to solve complex technical problems. It’s even more beneficial when managing remote engineers. Thanks to Scrum, all day-to-day matters such as regular meetings, artifacts, requirements management, and progress tracking are already well-established processes.

We use scrum

An optimal team structure

The product or online service you’re building may have a large backlog. Even if you need a lot of engineers, it makes sense to organize them into teams of nine members maximum. This will provide you with development units that are small enough to remain manageable yet large enough to be able to complete significant work within a Sprint.

We use scrum

Effective self-organization

Our engineers have successful backgrounds and relevant experience working in remote teams. They don’t require micromanaging, just guidance when it comes to product requirements. Developers will self-organize, delivering the functionality you need while coordinating with your in-house teams with regards to software architecture and integrations.

We use scrum

Completely self-sufficient

Scrum teams are built to have all necessary software development competencies, including frontend, backend, testing, and DevOps. Meaning teams can work on an entire piece of your product without requiring help from outside the team. This minimizes unnecessary cross-team dependencies and leads to higher productivity.

Want to know more about how we work?

Our process allows you to ramp up your software development capabilities and build new features without affecting your existing operations. Learn how we approach issues like requirements management, quality control, daily communication, IP rights, and non-disclosure.

How it works

Technical Expertise

We are veteran software professionals, with broad experience in Scrum. Our passion is building software products and online services that make a difference. According to our clients, we deliver real business value from the very first Sprint.

Web Applications

Web Applications

Today, the web is at the heart of everything. Let us join you in navigating this diverse landscape of frontend and backend frameworks, and platforms. Our aim is to build products that work today but have the capacity to be easily enhanced at pace with your growth.

Learn more
  • java
  • net
  • node.js
  • python
  • ruby
  • php
  • golang
  • angular
  • react
Mobile Applications

Mobile Applications

Whether you have a mobile-first product or service or you’re building an app to support on-the-go users who would typically use a browser, our mobile engineers can help build it. We love building it all. Secure corporate apps, video streaming, AR, and gaming apps.

Learn more
  • iOS
  • Android
  • react
    React Native
  • xamarin
  • flutter
  • wearables
  • iPadOS
  • Unity
  • Ionic
Server-Side Applications

Server-Side Applications

Data is king. Extremely fast and secure applications are necessary for proper storage, transforming, getting insights, and sharing it amongst users. Or perhaps you’re streaming video content to millions of subscribers. Regardless, we can help.

Learn more
  • java
  • scala
  • c++
  • assembly
  • big-data
    Big Data
  • Machine_Learning
    Machine Learning
  • Business-Inteligence
    Business Intelligence
  • Apache_Spark
    Apache Spark
  • video-streaming
    Video Streaming
Embedded and IoT

Embedded and IoT

We have built software for solar power stations, medical equipment, BLE hardware, international airports, smart homes, and much more. If you are looking for expertise in connected devices that are optimized for safety and reliability, consider hiring our engineers.

Learn more
  • ARM
  • Bluetooth
    Bluetooth LE
  • c++
  • assembly
  • aws-iot
    AWS IoT
  • microsoft_azure
    Azure IoT
  • google-IoT-Core
    Google IoT
  • UNIX


DevOps skills are essential to any project team. Tasks can include properly configuring CI/CD, release management, setting up and monitoring a production environment, and more. Our team of experienced DevOps engineers is ready to assist with your project.

Learn more
  • AWS
  • microsoft_azure
    Microsoft Azure
  • Google-Cloud-Platform
    Google Cloud
  • Jenkins
  • Bamboo
  • Kubernetes
  • Ansible
  • Docker
  • New-Relic
    New Relic

A deep well of engineering talent

“We knew that Ukraine, and Kharkiv in particular, had a deep well of engineering talent that we could tap into. The seven hour time difference also meant that we would have a generous overlap in working hours each day to facilitate direct communication. We didn’t shop. We had a previous relationship with the CEO of Brightgrove from a previous business. Besides having contractual agreements around the protection of intellectual property, all work is done and stored on servers controlled by our company.”

Matthew Mullins Vice President of Engineering, Aginity

Exceeded the expectations

“We started working with Brightgrove approximately 2 years ago at the urging of our CTO. I must admit that I was reluctant at first due to the negative experience we had with a previous offshore development vendor. Luckily I followed our CTO’s instincts instead of mine. From day one, the talented and professional team at Brightgrove has consistently met and even exceeded my expectations. In fact, since the quality of their work is so readily apparent to anyone who reviews the applications they helped build, our client base has doubled in the 2 years we’ve been with Brightgrove. Great people to work with, affordable cost, hard-working, and highly-skilled engineers. What more could anyone ask for?”

Eric Gordon Managing Director, RealPlus LLC

Hitting every milestone

“Our partnership with them has been excellent. Nothing unknown or unexpected has come up. Each member of the team has different values that they bring to the table.” “We’ve hit every release with all of the features included, which is more than you can ask for. Their work has been invaluable.”

Adrian McNeill Head of Product Test, Bragi GmbH

Engineers of the highest quality

“AthleteTrax’s partnership with Brightgrove has been extremely positive. The Brightgrove management team has been thorough and responsive in all matters, and they take care to make sure that all of our needs are satisfied. Their significant experience in software development is always on display, as they truly understand the most effective ways to manage both engineering teams and the product development lifecycle. The development talent that they have provided us with is of the highest quality. Their engineers are not only passionate about programming, but also intelligent and intuitive. They take the time to understand our business inside and out, which gives us the optimal environment to create a polished and effective product for our clients. We have only positive things to say about Brightgrove and recommend them with confidence!”

Brian Jeffrey Gross Co-Founder and CIO, Athlete-Trax

A cross-functional team

“After two and a half years working with Brightgrove, I can just say it is amazing what we have achieved. We built up a team which covers all parts in the software developing process in a highly professional way. Thanks to all of you, you are doing a great job!”

Maximilian Lorch Software Project Manager, ABATON Gmbh

A reliable partner

“Working with Brightgrove was professional from the offer to the ultimate result. Their sticking to a schedule and high degree of transparency – when there were problems or barriers – stand out in a positive manner. I’m happy to have found a reliable partner in Brightgrove.”

Sascha Böge CEO, oxmo GmbH & Co.KG

A long-term collaboration

“Our company has been working with Brightgrove since 1,5 years now and we really appreciate the client-friendly approach of the company. We’ve always experienced them as a very professional and fair partner, who is trying to fulfill our needs and achieve the best results for our projects with an attractive price/performance ratio. Brightgrove is an outsourcing company which has definitely qualified for a long-term collaboration.”

Nadja Schauer Product Manager, ERESNET GmbH

Pleasure to work with

“Thanks Vsevolod (the CEO of Brightgrove), we have been very fortunate and pleased to work with you over the last year.”

Matt Brown CEO Waverley Software

One million users

“Yesterday we wrote history by serving more than 1 million users during a single day for the 1st time! You all had a stake in that. I’m proud of us, team!”

Marius Schulze CEO at Run a Shop GmbH

Excellent customer service

“Vsevolod (the CEO of Brightgrove) and his team are a remarkable bunch of polished professionals. We have worked twice with him and his team and were quite pleased with what they delivered. In fact, not only did they de-liver what was documented in the requirements doc, but they finished a whole two weeks ahead of time. Now that’s service!”

Roman Edmond R&D Project Manager, NAVTEQ

Better service

“I WISH Brightgrove had been the original development team, because I would have had better advice, more consistent communication, which is tougher than meeting someone in person. The result is that I feel closer in contact, and have received better service from Brightgrove than from most of my local developers. Ironic, but well appreciated.”

Dorian Maras Owner, NextEdit


Often, personal relationships carry more weight than technical skills. Projects built in friendly work environments, where people trust and like each other come together better, stronger, and faster. At its foundation, this is our culture. One that’s built upon with our customers.


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