2020 ushered in incredible changes and challenges for everyone. Fortunately, Healthcare had already begun to put initiatives like remote care and telemedicine in place. Because to some degree, that became the only access to health care for some. At least those who weren’t hospitalized and on a ventilator.
In the past, the industry has been slow to adopt and adapt to technology, but like any other industry they’ve had to realign themselves with the digital transformation this is happening everywhere. Healthcare is investigating new ways of using tech to boost performance and productivity in both administrative and patient related areas.

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Data Analytics

In order to make educated decisions, data is critical. This is true in any industry, but as we watch a global health crisis unfold, we can see how access to data metrics can have consequences on life or death decisions or the ordering of hospital supplies. Let Brightgrove provide you with custom tools that will enable your medical facility to improve efficiency.

Data Security

The HITECH Act passed in 2009, the Health Information Technology for Economic and Clinical Health act encourages hospitals and other medical facilities to share electronic health records and health information. Allowing for this ease when exchanging information is helpful to all, but all that stored data in the wrong hands could be a disaster. Let Brightgrove help you meet regulatory standards by keeping your sensitive data secure, and staying HIPAA compliant.

Integration Standards

Health information integration is challenging due to the lack of a common standard that supports mapping across various data sources and domains. HL7 creates standards, but in itself, it is not the standard. Add to this a variety of message format standards such as DICOM and LOINC and healthcare interoperability becomes a complex challenge. Brightgrove can meet that challenge.

The Internet of Medical Things (IoMT)

Some in the industry and calling IoMT a game changer. It’s expected that in the year 2020 alone, 20 to 30 billion IoMT devices will hit the market. However, the industry faces a challenge when it comes to the communication with them, especially when manufacturers use proprietary communication protocols. Our teams understand all the challenges facing IoMT—cloud attacks, managing large volumes of data, integration with outdated infrastructures, and more. We can help.

Case Studies

We help tech companies create unique software products that help increase their customer’s satisfaction.

Video on Demand TV Service

A 60-person Agile engineering team formed to assist
an American internet television service that builds/
develops applications for several desktop, mobile,
and internet-connected TV platforms.

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Big Data Analytics Software

A 40-person software development team for a big
data analytics software by Aginity.

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PCI-compliant Payment Gateway

A Scrum team of Java engineers experienced in fintech
for a highly regulated payment solutions provider.

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Invoicing and Accounting Software

Two mobile development teams needed to build native iOS and Android applications.

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Solar Power Plants Management Software

A manufacturer of photovoltaic solar modules was looking to build a software solution that would help its clients manage their “fields” of solar modules.

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Real Estate B2B Platform

An NYC B2B real estate company required an Agile development team to complete a major refactor to their listing platform, giving their developers the ability to add new features quickly and easily.

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