We live in an on-demand world. Netflix has proved that. And just as streaming services set the world of media into a state of flux, transportation is seeing the same thing. Just look at the rise of MaaS. User experience has been pushed to the forefront, meaning digital tools need to be first available, and second, easy to use and mobile friendly. Customers want solutions that provide a seamless experience.
In many areas, public transportation agencies are making use of digital identities. This could include using digital driver’s licenses and biometric and or facial recognition at border crossings and airports.
As with all industries, innovation is crucial. Transportation agencies are driving innovations in a variety of areas including connected and autonomous vehicle technologies, and AI augmented mobility—all forms of intelligent transportation systems.

Great Teams

Whether your company provides freight trucking, school, public, or any other form of transportation, we have the software development experience you want and need.

Reliable and Robust Platforms

Transportation management systems must include an array of features not limited to fleet tracking and management, the ability to manage and monitor air, ocean, rail, and road shipping, give users the option to evaluate multiple carrier options for each delivery while optimizing costs, and more. Brightgrove can build a software engineering team that would be fully versed in the entire suite of solutions for TMS and fleet management.

Optimized and Efficient

The transportation industry is sensitive to various cycles. Look no further than the global pandemic of 2020 to see how it impacted transportation and logistics with closed borders and a massive increase in home deliveries. To be able to meet the challenges, software and technology needs to be optimized and efficient. That’s the only kind of systems Brightgrove builds.

Logistics and Route Optimization

It’s a challenge to stay on top of the necessary technologies for logistics. Customers are demanding to know the location of their packages at all times. And most want them to arrive as soon as possible. Which leads to route optimization software that can meet these increasing demands. Brightgrove knows the right software can reduce planning time, provide better accuracy when it comes to predicting arrival time, improve communication with the customer, and ultimately increase their satisfaction.

In-Vehicle Apps

Drivers are looking for flawless experiences when it comes to their vehicle’s UX. No one wants to deal with a clunky app while trying to drive. Drivers are used to the seamless experience of their smart devices and expect the same from in-car apps. Brightgrove can help by creating clean, simple interfaces for any of your third-party in-vehicle apps.

Case Studies

We help tech companies create unique software products that help increase their customer’s satisfaction.

Video on Demand TV Service

A 60-person Agile engineering team formed to assist
an American internet television service that builds/
develops applications for several desktop, mobile,
and internet-connected TV platforms.

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Big Data Analytics Software

A 40-person software development team for a big
data analytics software by Aginity.

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PCI-compliant Payment Gateway

A Scrum team of Java engineers experienced in fintech
for a highly regulated payment solutions provider.

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Invoicing and Accounting Software

Two mobile development teams needed to build native iOS and Android applications.

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Solar Power Plants Management Software

A manufacturer of photovoltaic solar modules was looking to build a software solution that would help its clients manage their “fields” of solar modules.

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Real Estate B2B Platform

An NYC B2B real estate company required an Agile development team to complete a major refactor to their listing platform, giving their developers the ability to add new features quickly and easily.

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