How the process works

Our software engineers are self-sufficient. They only require significant guidance on the product requirements side.

Managing a remote team?

Scrum is a good choice for remote teams, but an assessment of each situation is prudent. Learn how we handle key aspects of the process.

Requirements management

Scrum implements the Product Owner role—the one responsible for communicating requirements to the team and helping them understand them. We suggest you choose a responsible Product Owner from your own team. Typically, a single Product Owner can manage and work with multiple teams.

Collaboration between teams

Our Scrum Teams are cross-functional and self-organized so they can effectively deliver new features without relying on others. When it’s time to integrate features into what other teams have built or to make strategic decisions affecting overall software architecture, our team leads will address the issue at regular Scrum of Scrum meetings with your in-house developers.

Video conferencing

Whether meetings are ad hoc or scheduled in advanced, they take place in a video chat. Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Google Hangouts, or Slack, the choice is yours to make. Video conferencing brings the remote and in-house teams together, giving everyone a sense that the people they are working with are right there in the seat next to them.









Scrum tools

Scrum is as good as the tools you use. Product Backlog, User Stories, estimates, burn-up and burn-down charts, and more can be found in awesome systems like Jira, Trello, Azure Boards, Yodiz, ScrrumDo, Moday, or Scrumwise. We love these systems and so do our clients. What do you use internally?

Complete transparency

Our method of working, and the Scrum method itself, is very transparent. From daily meetings, Sprint demos and retrospectives, live Scrum board and burn-down charts, as well as a product backlog with comprehensive user stories and estimates, you see it all. What your engineers are working on and their progress within a Sprint is always visible.

Scrum Master

The Scrum Master is the right hand of the Product Owner. He helps him find the best way to communicate requirements to the Development Team. He helps engineers achieve maximum productivity during a Sprint. He also removes organizational impediments. Therefore, we always assign one of our Scrum Masters to each team.

Product knowledge

Each Scrum team member possesses comprehensive product knowledge. This allows each of them to be valuable contributors to the overall product success through the features they build. Scrum has proved especially effective in iterative and incremental knowledge transfer. This is the main reason why Scrum is now widely used for product development.

Quality Control

Getting the job done right and meeting the highest quality standards are our priorities when building software. It’s our typical procedure to have at least one Quality Assurance specialist in each team. Depending on the project, manual and/or automated testing methods will be employed to ensure you have a potentially releasable product at the end of each Sprint.


A single Scrum team has the power to build an entire product on its own or a large portion of it. However, if you have an extensive backlog and sizable plans, we will assemble two or more teams to work side by side. This allows each team to either focus on building one large piece of the system or work on different parts of your product.


An accurate estimate will assist the Product Owner in planning major product releases. It will also help the engineering team plan their work inside a Sprint. Scrum strongly suggests using Story Points, and we also find this to be the most efficient. However, whether you use Story Points or hours, we can adapt to using either.

IP Rights

Brightgrove acknowledges and agrees that the client will hold all intellectual property rights in the software or services we develop. This includes, but is not limited to, copyright, trademark rights, and source code. We agree not to claim any such ownership in any of the software’s intellectual property at any time.


We respect the need for client privacy and data safety. Brightgrove provides a standard Non-Disclosure Agreement. However, if you have a unique NDA agreement of your own, we are also open to signing it.

of our clinets stated

The very first Sprint provided them with a potentially releasable set of features.

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