Hospitality and Wellness

Over the last several years every industry has been somehow impacted by the innovations of the digital revolution. Hospitality is no exception. The way potential customers research and book accommodations has changed to the point that the industry has had to—or still must—change as well. And it doesn’t stop at marketing or corporate strategies. In order to attract, service, and retain their guests those in the industry must overhaul their technology stacks.
Whether you’re booking guests into a hotel or a spa, today’s guests are much more demanding. They expect technology to be part of the hotel’s processes. For things like instant check-in and checkout, and so much more. Are you meeting the demand?

Great Teams

The teams at Brightgrove have worked with the industry in providing SaaS, mobile, web based, IoT, AI, cloud, and blockchain apps and tools.

Connecting siloed systems

Siloed systems can be dangerous in any industry. Are your CRM, property management, marketing, etc. independent of each other? With our expertise, we can connect siloed systems, giving your team a single point storage solution. This allows you to carry out more accurate analysis in a cost-efficient way.

Reliable Technology Solutions

Today’s consumers are demanding, and their expectations are impacted by current technological trends—which means the industry must implement them. For example, for many, the phone is no longer the first point of contact. Can prospective customers connect with you via chatbots, virtual agents, or some form of mobile self-service? Our teams can make that a reality.

Improved Business Solutions

Increase efficiency by improving your business processes and automation solutions. We can help with solutions such as integrating your system with CRM, GDS, and ERM. We can also help implement real-time or dynamic pricing, as well as invoicing, and payment platforms, cloud-based scheduling systems, customization, and more.

Implementing APIs

Looking for API development? An API can provide you with seamless communication between systems, which is critical in any industry. For example, connecting your RMS to a PMS means you can provide pricing recommendations based on information extracted from your property management system. Brightgrove can work with you to provide seamless communication between your systems.

Case Studies

We help tech companies create unique software products that help increase their customer’s satisfaction.

Video on Demand TV Service

A 60-person Agile engineering team formed to assist
an American internet television service that builds/
develops applications for several desktop, mobile,
and internet-connected TV platforms.

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Big Data Analytics Software

A 40-person software development team for a big
data analytics software by Aginity.

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PCI-compliant Payment Gateway

A Scrum team of Java engineers experienced in fintech
for a highly regulated payment solutions provider.

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Invoicing and Accounting Software

Two mobile development teams needed to build native iOS and Android applications.

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Solar Power Plants Management Software

A manufacturer of photovoltaic solar modules was looking to build a software solution that would help its clients manage their “fields” of solar modules.

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Real Estate B2B Platform

An NYC B2B real estate company required an Agile development team to complete a major refactor to their listing platform, giving their developers the ability to add new features quickly and easily.

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