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We can help develop secure IoT and embedded applications to help you connect and manage devices and make data-driven business decisions. All of our solutions comply with the leading industry standards and approaches. Aligning our team of tech experts with your IoT development process today promises a value-added business in the future.


Embedded Software
Embedded Software

Embedded Software

We have built software for microcontrollers and microprocessors using our extensive experience in embedded hardware design and development, and our skills in RTOS, Linux, Internet Protocols, security, and C/C++ programming languages. Our key projects include software for telecommunication providers, video capturing with face recognition, consumer electronics, healthcare devices, solar power plants, and industrial automation. The software we have built satisfies the requirements for reliability and performance and adheres to strict certification and qualification standards.

You can hire our team of Agile software engineers that will help you design, code, and test software for embedded systems from bootloader to GUI or software for end users. They have hands-on experience in firmware and driver development, building applications for multiple operating systems including Android, Linux, RTOS, and software development for single board computers.

Internet of Things
Internet of Things

Internet of Things

The most forward-thinking companies understood long ago that ago the true potential behind the Internet of Things technologies are the value of collecting, providing and analyzing data. The fact is opportunities are unlimited, and each industry can find ways to implement IoT technology to boost their business.

At Brightgrove, we partner with IoT providers and enterprise adopters in the automotive, transportation, real estate, retail, and other industries, enabling them to unlock the business value of connected devices. Our cross-functional experts help organizations harness the right IoT technology stack to build data-rich software solutions for smart facilities, personal devices, lean manufacturing purposes, and beyond.

Smart Home Solutions

Smart Home Solutions

McKinsey Global Institute predicts a massive growth in value for the Internet of Things. They expect it to reach U.S. $11.1 trillion annually by 2025. Smart homes — a fully connected household environment which provides its residents with an unprecedented level of control and comfort — will account for a hefty part of this increase. And since only 12–16% of U.S. households use IoT smart home products, this is hardly surprising. What’s truly impressive is the number of potential buyers.

Some sources indicate that approximately two-thirds of consumers are likely to purchase smart home IoT devices this year.

Our engineers know how to build smart home solutions based on our vast experience in embedded hardware prototyping and development of connected systems. We would participate with you at every delivery stage—from prototyping to development to post-delivery support.

Case Studies

We help tech companies create unique software products that help increase their customer’s satisfaction.

Video on Demand TV Service

A 60-person Agile engineering team formed to assist
an American internet television service that builds/
develops applications for several desktop, mobile,
and internet-connected TV platforms.

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Big Data Analytics Software

A 40-person software development team for a big
data analytics software by Aginity.

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PCI-compliant Payment Gateway

A Scrum team of Java engineers experienced in fintech
for a highly regulated payment solutions provider.

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Invoicing and Accounting Software

Two mobile development teams needed to build native iOS and Android applications.

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Solar Power Plants Management Software

A manufacturer of photovoltaic solar modules was looking to build a software solution that would help its clients manage their “fields” of solar modules.

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Real Estate B2B Platform

An NYC B2B real estate company required an Agile development team to complete a major refactor to their listing platform, giving their developers the ability to add new features quickly and easily.

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