Case Study

PCI-compliant Payment Gateway

A Scrum team of Java engineers experienced in fintech for a highly regulated payment solutions provider.


A rising star in the world of niche payment gateways urgently needed to build a large list of new core features. These were expected by their largest clients and deliverable in the next two quarters. Additionally, since the system wasn’t initially designed to handle an exponentially increasing number of users, performance problems needed to be addressed and solved.

Achieving the above was nearly impossible since finding and hiring engineers with the right fintech experience would be extremely difficult in their limited timeframe.

  • Java
  • Angular
  • Node.js
  • Google Cloud
    Google Cloud
  • Apache Spark
Within two months, the initial Ukrainian team focusing on improving and enhancing the system grew to 7 people.


Brightgrove had two weeks to find the right engineers and build an initial Scrum team of four people. Since the solution provider was already using Scrum to run software development it was easy to add a new team to work alongside their current in-house team. The team that had originally developed their payment gateway software. It was decided to let the in-house team provide ongoing support to clients and add new integrations to the payment merchants. The Ukrainian team of seasoned Java developers and DevOps engineers took care of optimizing the existing core of the system in terms of performance and scalability. This division of responsibilities was ideal since Brightgrove had developers with relevant experience who knew how to deal with issues the in-house team discovered.

Within two months, the initial Ukrainian team focusing on improving and enhancing the system grew to 7 people. At this point, it was time to add a new Scrum team who would focus on building new features. The new team—four Java engineers and a QA automation specialist—took over the product backlog, which contained features and improvements important to the provider’s largest clients. These features had to be added to a system that already had a very complex logic. The system included: integrated embeddable payment forms, multi-currency IBAN accounts, global transfers, 3D Secure and recurring ePayments, as well as simple methods for debit, reverse, preauthorize, capture, and more.

The result was a system core was highly optimized to support a constantly growing user base. It was also re-engineered to be more modular, with meant adding new functionality with ease. The initial product goals and deadlines were met thanks to the decision of hiring remote developers in Ukraine. The Ukrainian branch continues to work on system improvements in three weeks sprints while the in-house team is focused on customer support and customizations.

Business Impact

  • The payment solutions provider was able to meet its client expectations for vital new features in time, helping them to retain their largest clients and attract new ones.

  • A robust QA automated process was established which is extremely important for any fintech business, especially those who are CSSF and PCI DSS regulated.

  • The Payment Gateway increased its client base by five in 2.5 years and it continues to grow.

  • Since upper management has gained considerable trust in remote developers, a new KYC SaaS project with a new Brightgrove assembled team has begun.

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  • 2.5 years

    Working with Brightgrove

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    Security Audits Passed

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