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Software engineers who are passionate about solving complex business problems.

Company Overview

We help tech companies create unique software products that help increase their customer’s satisfaction. Powered by our people first principle, we support our clients’ journeys, assisting in the development of products of any size.

Brightgrove’s culture

We believe a positive work environment helps us build a better product. So we do our best to create an environment where our engineers can focus on creating best in class software for you and your customers.

The Scrum approach aligns nicely with that goal. It was designed to address complex adaptive problems while creating and producing products of the highest value. It also enhances engineers’ enjoyment in what they do.

10 Years in the business
450 Engineers
9 Years using Scrum

Why Ukraine?

Ukraine is a primary location for hiring extremely talented software developers. This is due to its booming tech ecosystem, large talent pool, and advanced education. Market leading and Fortune
500 companies have opened R&D and software development offices in Ukraine.

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